How to do things that scare us.

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There are things in our professional careers that naturally scare us, but are required for advancement and continued growth.  If we get complacent and too comfortable, we are actually stagnant.  Fear is actually a sign of growth and development.  We are rarely afraid of things we have already done before.  We are normally afraid of places we haven’t been before, things we haven’t tried before or subject matter that we know nothing about.  If fear is a sign that we are pushing our envelop, then conquering that fear is a sign of real personal and professional growth.  In essence, fear is an indicator that we’re ready for that next level.So, how do we gather enough courage to take that next step?  And transition to that next level?  One of the most effective tools to conquering fears (and how to do things that scare you) is to focus on the advantages that conquering that fear will provide.
For instance: If you are afraid of public speaking, but it’s required for that job promotion — focus on all the doors that your presentation skills will open.
1) Ability to persuade and present your proposals to high-level executives
2) Ability to be seen as the thought-leader in your field by your executives, clients, and other experts
3) Ability to get bonuses for your work, publications, and speaking engagements
4) Ability to have company-paid vacation/travel as you promote the company technology to different technical conferences and trade-shows
5) Possibility of being interviewed on radio, TV, and technical journals as a thought-leader in your field.

Try it and let me know what you think.
In my GoTo Academy: Soft Skill Tools for the GoTo Professional continuous online coaching series, I go into this in detail.

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