Schedule Optimization for Agile Managers

Project Optimization and Agility

Project and schedule optimization is collaborative activities with the leaders mindfulness to scope, time, and cost considerations, aligned with all stakeholders’ buy-in. Adding cross-functional human resources into the optimization formula makes our approach more challenging. In scheduling we aim to predict the completion of tasks in the future, considering many constraints, uncertainties, and risks. Project management employs many techniques and methods to estimate the scope of work and to optimize the process of deliverables!

This is a story in creation; a group of Agile-minded volunteer PPMs who get together to build an Agile PPMs publishing platform using a hybrid of Agile frameworks.


Signs that you are a micro-manager

This client’s issue was that she continually put in over 10 hours a day in a draining work environment. Although she had desires to do other hobbies and side businesses, she was too exhausted to do anything about those other dreams. She self-diagnosed herself as having no follow-through, although at the office – she had lots of follow-through.

After hearing her story, I suggested that she was actually micromanaging her people too much. This was taking her time away from the items she really wanted to accomplish as well as zapping all her energy. Her knee-jerk reaction was that she was not a micro-manager.


How to handle a problem business partner

I’ve been having major difficulties with my business partner for a new venture we’re trying to grow. Any tips/advice for remedying the situation?

Most problems between partners occur because there isn’t a clear definition of roles, expectations and responsibilities. One person often sees themselves as the big thinker but needs someone that can follow-through on those items. The other person that is great at execution needs someone that can sit down long enough to clearly articulate the path. Neither role is sufficient for a successful business. If each one doesn’t understand what needs to be accomplished for a successful business, it will be a difficult road.

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