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The one mistakes most career changers make.

transparent2The one mistakes most career changers make.

Writing their resume without the “new career” mindset.

Most career changers list their work experience and job tasks in the mindset of the past role or job title INSTEAD of the new career role or title in mind.

For example:  You are a teacher’s assistance and you want to make a career change into Graphic Designer in Instructional Videos and Presentations.  Instead of focusing your resume on everyday teacher assistance duties like watching the children, taking roll-call, distributing supplies and teaching materials, enforcing rules and regulations, etc. — you focus on the various instructional videos and presentation that you created for the classes, parent orientation, and teacher’s brown bag lunch sessions (that you did while you were in that role).  You focus and highlight the graphics and software expertise.  You provide actual video, presentation and audio examples of your work.

I am Laura Lee Rose, author of the books “TimePeace: Making peace with time”  and The Book of Answers: 105 Career Critical Situations.  I am a business and career management coach that focuses on professional development, time management, project management and work life balance strategies.  If you need assistance in taking that leap into a new career, please contact me at




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Laura is a Corporate Exit Strategist for the Blooming Entrepreneur. She is a certified business and personal life coach, specializing in time management skills, project management training and work/life balance strategies. She has been in the software and testing industry for over 20 years. She’s worked with such companies as IBM, Ericsson, Staples, Fidelity Investments and Sogeti in various client advocacy and project management roles. The techniques she uses in her business coaching and client advocacy work saved these companies both time and money, which resulted in on-time, quality product delivery with higher client satisfaction. Laura now uses her client focus, project, quality and people management skills in her personal life coaching career. As a personal life coach, she helps people transform their life by integrating their goals and dreams into their everyday lives. Laura uses creative and practical tools to help her clients realize what really matters to them. She helps others to easily transition into their next chapter whether it’s the next ladder of success within their corporate environment or into the entrepreneurial playground. I am not a fan of choosing to act in spite of fear. Rather, together we will collaborate toward a plan of inspired action. We will develop a plan together that you feel confident and excited about. For us, Taking The Leap will be magical, exhilarating and natural. If you are eager to take that next logical step but are unsure what it is signup for the Corporate Exit Strategy Coaching group. We have books, tapes, training materials, twice-monthly group coaching events, 3-day workshops, and individual coaching sessions to help you on your way toward your freedom and prosperity.
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