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Why do projects fail and how to fix them.

You’ve heard the stereotypes: Business analysts thinks IT is a socially awkward group with zero business savvy. IT, meanwhile, scoffs at analysts inability to keep up. So many projects depend on IT-business alignment, and so many fail.

Why do projects fail, who’s to blame, and how to fix them?


Enterprise Architecture – Linking Teams to the Enterprise

Now that the linkage between the delivery and operations of the service has been established and the PM understands how the service enables a capability, it is time to make the connection between the delivery team and the organization.

I believe that helping the PM understand EA and its links to Business Architecture (BA) will help to crystallize the role that their delivery team plays in the broader scope of the enterprise.


Services Management – The life-cycle of a Service

Linking Project Delivery in the early stages to business value can be challenging at best, due to changing strategic goals of the enterprise. Also, understanding the full life cycle of the delivered service, including the total cost of ownership and the end-to-end life-cycle of the service can be a difficult task to assume and communicate.


Prototype your way to Real

When project managing for innovation and change, three important steps are getting great inspiration, having an effective idea generation session, and then moving your ideas forward with prototyping. Consider your personal and organizational prototyping practices: do you prototype across a wide range of levels, from rough to real? Do you prototype both your tangible and intangible concepts, as you might for service design and organizational change? Take a look at the following post to imagine your path this year on what and how to prototype – for yourself or across your company.


Resolution: Figure out my innovation type

Ever been in a brainstorm and felt how differently your colleagues respond to new ideas? It turns out there are different “innovation types.” You may want to know what kind of innovator you are, and how you can improve your own work and your understanding of others in an innovation project team.


PMO vs Extreme Project Management the “Smackdown”

Strong PMOs enhance the project management process not by saddling it with unnecessary processes and procedures – thinking EPM here – but choosing the right projects, allowing the project manager to effectively execute. The PMO provides assistance and guidance – to achieve one-time success that translates into repeatability, scalability and compliance.


“Just say ‘No’” isn’t as simple as it seems.

Undoubted you’ve heard the advice “Just Say No” to things when you’re feeling overwhelmed. In actuality, saying “no” to life and its opportunities is a resistive, defensive and negative attitude producing additional stress. This stress management presentation shares fun, practical and life-changing tips on ways to say “YES” to things — on your own terms.

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