Strategic Planning: Which Direction Shall We Go?

SiStrategicDirection4gns and times are confusing. Which way should organizations go? Which mix of projects can get you there? So how can project professionals help leaders navigate turbulent and traumatic times and provide direction?

Over yummy breakfast burritos in San Diego I asked Dave Davis (aka Santa) a PMI CoP advisory Board member for his best practices in planning and leading strategic planning sessions. Dave Davis has extensive experience working with clients on strategic planning and has powerful planning suggestions.

Dave is pictured below playing Santa. Mom is hiding from the picture taking as Rachael, her daughter, is giving Santa (Dave Davis) her December 2013 Christmas gift list.Dave_Davis1

Here are Dave’s strategic meeting planning suggestions:

  • Begin with the end in mind and document what is intended outcome of this meeting stated in both objective
  • and emotional terms
  • Pull stories or narrative from audience on what these future outcomes look like
  • Ensure stories are stated in benefit terms and not activities
  • Document which factors influence these benefits
  • Identify who dis-benefits from these benefits or the intended changes
  • What are risks associated with achieving these benefits which keeps the conversation from degrading to risks associated with the activities needed to get there
  • Be politically astute by mapping  energy exerted by the proposed changes e.g., what sentiment, attitudes, moral is aiding or resisting the change and
  • Focus on member, client, or customer perspective to keep it outward focused and stop group think

This is a facilitator’s dream list of questions.  Thanks Santa for this early Christmas Gift!


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