Monitoring and Controlling

Perfecting versus perfection.

We’ve all heard the groan: “We have an aggressive schedule to meet.” The fact is, it’s not the “schedule” timeline that is aggressive; rather, it’s what we choose to fit into it. Adopting an attitude of progress refinement (perfecting over perfection) with the confidence percentage strategy helps reduce this tension between promised and actually delivered tasks.


What remote managers need to know about staying on top of remote and global employees.

Last article we discussed some of the down-side to working remotely (either from home or from an off-site office). We discussed some techniques an employee can stay in the spotlight, even when they are not located in the same site as their reporting manager, cohorts or those making the salary decisions. Today, we’ll cover the challenges and solutions from the managerial position.

A primary concern for a manager is : as your team starts to grow apart in location, how do I assure the team doesn’t also “grow apart as a team”. How does one keep a cohesive workforce across both distance and time zones?


Why do projects fail and how to fix them.

You’ve heard the stereotypes: Business analysts thinks IT is a socially awkward group with zero business savvy. IT, meanwhile, scoffs at analysts inability to keep up. So many projects depend on IT-business alignment, and so many fail.

Why do projects fail, who’s to blame, and how to fix them?

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