David M. Katz

Dave Katz is a refugee from the corporate world, and reincarnated as the most obnoxious math tutor that school districts have ever seen. His students and their parents love him! Dave has been put here on God's green Earth to help all of his students get A+'s in all of their classes. He currently serves two grammar schools, three middle schools and four high schools with back-of-classroom math tutoring, up to pre-calculus, before going from home to home from 4:00 pm to 1:00 am. Prior to his career in education, Dave honed his project management skills serving numerous government agencies and corporations executive administrative and office manager roles for a blizzard of district and regional managers and sales and marketing teams. As a Microsoft Office Suite wizard, Dave created the PowerPoint slide shows that won million dollar contracts. August 7th, 2007, is his debut on our blog on the topic of: "Project Management Made Really, Really, Really Easy -- Notes From The 2nd Grade Play-ground To Accelerate Your Project's Completion"

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