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Proud of my Teams

This is a short note regarding a couple of classes I instructed at Northeastern university regarding Foundations of Project Management and Scope Management Plan (refer to Project Management – CPS -PJM).

Northeastern University Project Management Masters DegreeStarting with the “Foundation of Project Management” (PM) with a group of (16) students in the Masters’s degree program, I was surrounded by a young and energetic team eager to advance and explore the PM field!  The course materials are carefully written with high-level studies of structured project management using many research papers, scientific resources, and reading material, including the PMBOk of PMI. To further help a group of intelligent young talents pursuing their scientific path and future career, we include many class and group activities such as participation in Discussion Boards, Group Assignments, Individual Assignments, and active class participation.

My class got excited when I asked them if they would like to invite a technical Program leader to share experiences from their past projects with the class! I then asked one of my friends, Richard Bixler (Softtoys Software) to share his experience with ur team. Richard’s records were a deep dive to cover a large and complex program of hardware-software development that linked the course material with the challenges of a large program by a leading enterprise. I then asked a leadership coach, Kimberly Wiefling to share her insights about communication and leadership with us. Kimberly’s highly anticipated and charming workshop-style of engagement took the class to different ways of communication with various levels of stakeholders within complex project states!

Northeastern University Project Management Masters DegreeKnowing how PMs communicate various information with stakeholders is one of the most important aspects of project success. Reading and studying effective communication techniques and methods is valuable, but listening to an expert leader about the topic is “irreplaceable”! Richard shared the Principles of Complex Hybrid Programs, laying out the Formal Program Communication, Organizing and Communicating Data and Tools, and more references to students to pack their study folders plentiful.

Northeastern University Project Management Masters DegreeKimberly’s Non-Verbal Communication gaming approach (Rock, Paper, Scissors), reasons for Global Teams Failure, and Communication via Presentations Styles guided the class to think deeper about communicating situations, Opportunities, Actionabbles, and Results to stakeholders.

I attest that these two classes were the best I have ever teamed with, and that is for the “leadership scholars” working with me! I enjoyed working with this small and highly talented team of next leaders. After discussing an assignment, they produced even better results, thinking outside of the box and researching a better solution. After every challenge to work collaboratively, their group assignments were richer, exploring their group solutions further! AS for me, this is the gift I get; working with a group of leaders who will remain one f my success stories.

Thank you the team of PJM-2022!

I want to acknowledge the following people helping me to succeed:
Dr. Jaques Alexis, Dr. Ammar Aamer, Christopher Bolick, Richard Bixler, Kimberly Wiefling, Valerie Cruz, Tim Le (IT Support), students of classes “PJM 5900” and “PJM6005”.

My special thanks to “Krishna Reddy Esireddy” and “Lalain Denia” for their nice words:

Lalaine Denia:
I cannot express how much I appreciate your teachings and your support. This is not just within the classroom environment because your teachings and support go beyond that. It is rare to find a teacher who genuinely cares and who actively does something to help. 

I look forward to seeing you in some PMI meetings, and I am most looking forward to being involved in SV Project Management. 


Krishna Reddy Esireddy:
I am very happy to share my experience across two terms / two courses, all my apprehensions were dispelled in the very first hour of the class, away from regular PMBOK, knowledge areas, and processes – Prof. David went beyond, his passion for the subject started resonating with us. Prof. David’s day-to-day examples connecting with Project Management were immensely helpful in getting a grasp on the subject and understanding the concepts well.
There are a few highlights of the classes that actually inspire many as I am inspired – A master coach, yes Prof. David is truly one.
His energy throughout all two terms is the same whether it is at the start of the day or the end of the day. His attention to every member in the class is the same and helps everyone to participate. He provides immense inspiring real stories propelling similar inspiration in everyone
As students in the class, we were getting distracted by our electronic gadgets whereas his focus was only on us.
Thank you so much Prof. David for providing all the PM – subject matters.!
Thank you,


3 thoughts on “Proud of my Teams”

  1. Thank you so much, David! The learning curve in the two courses has been exuberant! But for me, your empathy and passion for this field were even more important to learn from.

  2. Dear Professor David,

    You were an amazing addition to the University and our class. My main takeaway from the class was how to build and lead a team. Even though we got a lot of practical PM knowledge, for example, requirement gathering and scope management, I think your core subject should be leadership! It is not possible to apply the theory without knowing how to lead a team of professionals.

    I wish you all the best in your career and more wonderful and curious students.


  3. Thank you for your patience and for creating an environment where we are allowed to fail as well as succeed. For allowing us to ask questions without judging and for having a growth mindset with us. It is always a pleasure to have you as a professor and I appreciate how approachable you are. Thank you so much for keeping us engaged, learning, and laughing.

    Thank You,

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