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My first professional network in the US was SVPM!

I learned from interviewing for a consultant position in San Francisco, that the Agile Framework/Scrum methodology was an important skill to have. While I was proficient in Lean Six Sigma and understood the Agile framework well, I was eager to get some hands-on experience in the Agile Framework/Scrum methodology to enhance my professional experience. I wondered how I could get this experience when I was not working here. When I discussed this with my friend, she had a solution for me! 

My friend was already volunteering with SVPM then. She told me great things about her experience as a volunteer at SVPM and about some of the awesome projects she worked on during that stint. She immediately connected me to Donald Stringari who is one of the Product owners of the Silicon Valley Project Management website. Donald and I immediately spoke and he got me on board as a volunteer for the SVPM Scrum team and I started off in the next Sprint. So far, I have completed two sprints and I am currently on my third. It has been a fabulous journey so far. 


Before joining, Donald took me through the history of SVPM, where he mentioned that it was the first-ever blogging website created by a few Project Managers of UCSC Silicon Valley extension, where Project Management professionals could share their experiences and thoughts about Project Management. Later, David Bakhtnia later inherited this website and runs a program where volunteers are welcome to work on the website using Agile/Scrum methodologies. Such a win-win situation I thought! The reality is that there is so much emphasis on the volunteers to learn the Agile Framework/Scrum methodology rather than running against a deadline to renew the website. I really found this to be a profound way of enabling volunteers and aspiring PMs to learn! The team is always helpful and teaches each other to learn and grow!

What have I learned so far?

The team uses Slack for communication, Trello for keeping track of backlog items and WordPress for website content management. All our meetings happen over Zoom. A few sprints into this volunteer program you will also be fluent with the Agile Framework and Scrum methodology because the language spoken here is Agile !

So what are you waiting for?

If you are a student, professional or anyone who wants to be a part of a professional network that focuses on Project Management using Agile and Scrum, you have landed on the right page! This is also a community for you to build your network! If you wish to be a volunteer, simply fill out this form. All the best!


2 thoughts on “My first professional network in the US was SVPM!”

  1. Like yourself, I heard wonderful things about being a volunteer with this group.

    After receiving my CSM only a month ago, this is my first time diving deep into properly applying the scrum framework. Having no real experience, I had to jump right into the backlog refinement phase, as everyone was preparing the PBIs for the upcoming Sprint. That was no problem as they found a place for me right away. No questions are silly ones because that’s what everyone is here for. To learn. I’m enjoying the collaboration and networking with a really kind group of people I’ve never met before.

    I agree with you. Picking up new skills along with more coaching and development is what I’m looking forward to being on this team.

    Thanks for sharing your experience Riya!

  2. That’s great Christopher! Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts 🙂 This will surely help future volunteers.

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