multi-tasking miseries

Now, where was I?  Did I do that already?  Oops, I entered those figures twice.  Hold on a minute, I need to finish this.  Oh, damn, I almost hit that car, didn’t see him change lanes.

Aren’t I wonderful, I can do several things at once.  What’s that you say, none of my deliverables are complete?

Well, I didn’t mean to throw that away and now they’ve picked up the trash and I have to go out to the dumpster.

How many of these fit situations you’ve been in, or know of?  I bet a lot of them do.  These are all from stories told to me by clients and/or friends.  People who pride themselves on multi-tasking….. By that I mean being out of focus because they are trying to do more than one thing at a time.

Slow down, you’ll get done faster is the advice I gave many.  Slow down, pay attention to what you are doing – or in the jargon of psychology “Be in the here and now.”


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