Adding value is as simple as taking that extra step…..

I was speaking to a fellow speaker (who was a developer from Germany). He was sharing that his company will be sending him to 15 conferences this year. I was amazed and impressed at the expense his company was investing in him. “Wow! Share with me what you are bringing back to them, that makes it worth their investment to continue to fund all these trips for you?” He looked confused. “I mean, what is there ‘return on investment’. What are they getting out of these funded trips. How are your trips accomplishing their business goals?”


Resolution: Figure out my innovation type

Ever been in a brainstorm and felt how differently your colleagues respond to new ideas? It turns out there are different “innovation types.” You may want to know what kind of innovator you are, and how you can improve your own work and your understanding of others in an innovation project team.

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