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New advances come up all the time, even in the area of “do-it-yourself”. The combination of the internet, wireless connections, and powerful search engines allow people access to more information with little effort or time investment. Armed with this information, people are more likely to “do-it-themselves”. Unfortunately, the consequences are as bountiful as the information. One of the consequences to small businesses may be a loss of a potential client.


Enterprise Architecture – Linking Teams to the Enterprise

Now that the linkage between the delivery and operations of the service has been established and the PM understands how the service enables a capability, it is time to make the connection between the delivery team and the organization.

I believe that helping the PM understand EA and its links to Business Architecture (BA) will help to crystallize the role that their delivery team plays in the broader scope of the enterprise.


Services Management – The life-cycle of a Service

Linking Project Delivery in the early stages to business value can be challenging at best, due to changing strategic goals of the enterprise. Also, understanding the full life cycle of the delivered service, including the total cost of ownership and the end-to-end life-cycle of the service can be a difficult task to assume and communicate.


Linking Project Delivery & Services to Business Value

To continue to add value to the enterprise, I believe that the PM role needs to continue to evolve more in the direction of a strategic business manager, linking the project delivery to business value. Excelling not only at delivering a project to the stakeholder, the PM needs to understand how the service delivered, as a result of the project, accelerates a business capability and helps the enterprise leverage current services in-place, as well as the life-cycle of these services, skills that are immensely important to the enterprise success.


Global communication and collaboration

The utilization of video throughout your project life-cycle is becoming increasingly more important. The ability to capture ad-hoc video of a meeting or conversation to help further the teams understanding of a specific point, risk element or deliverable, can make a big difference.


The globally connected project team

Managing a global team and working as a team member in one should be a very rewarding experience for everyone involved. The “global team” is the penultimate design for any project team, leveraging the diverse perspective of everyone involved.

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