Narrowing your career choices to your advantage

Recently I was approached by a professional struggling with what her next career position should be. Her background was in project management, but she could go back to school and get her MBA. She should start something on her own, or she could stay exactly where she is and focus on her PMP certification. She could take her transferable skills and move into operational management for the executive level. She could do this or that or the other. She was continually flip-flopping among all these options that she was stalled.


You can’t get your money, unless you ask for it

4 weeks after I had completed his taxes for him, I asked this friend-first-removed if he had received his refund yet. He confessed that he has the forms signed, but he has not mailed them in yet.

“Well — you know you can’t get your money, until you mail the forms in….”

It’s the same in life and work. It’s more difficult to get what you really want if you don’t explicitly ask for it and then follow-through with your plan.


How to do things that scare us.

There are things in our professional careers that naturally scare us, but are required for advancement and continued growth. We are normally afraid of places we haven’t been before, things we haven’t tried before or subject matter that we know nothing about. If fear is a sign that we are pushing our envelop, then conquering that fear is a sign of real personal and professional growth.
So, how do we gather enough courage to take that next step?



I am repeatedly in conversations with someone who refers to “PMs”. And I have to figure out which kind of PM they’re talking about. Take this sentence from a recent email: “…designed for executives, managers, PMs, BAs, developers, testers – …

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Project Managers are Leaders

Think about a person that you would follow regardless of where they were going. What makes them a leader worth following? In terms of the business world, a leader doesn’t necessarily make decisions, and a leader doesn’t necessarily have the highest ranking title. A true leader is someone that has earned the trust and respect of their team; and as a result, that team will follow that person in whatever direction they take.


What exactly, do Project Managers Do?

Project Management is a very difficult line of work to describe in terms that every person can understand. The quickest answer I can usually come up with is “I get all of the work done on projects without doing any of the actual work”, which is the best description I have of what I do.


Interrupting is a two way street.

Everyone has complained about being interrupted. People have interrupted our conversations, our tasks, even physically (i.e. being cut in line, in traffic, beepers, texting, instance messaging).
On the other hand, everyone has interrupted. Everyone does it. Find out why, and how to manage around it.


“Just say ‘No’” isn’t as simple as it seems.

Undoubted you’ve heard the advice “Just Say No” to things when you’re feeling overwhelmed. In actuality, saying “no” to life and its opportunities is a resistive, defensive and negative attitude producing additional stress. This stress management presentation shares fun, practical and life-changing tips on ways to say “YES” to things — on your own terms.


Setting expectations: A positive defense against moochers

Today’s economy is certainly making most people anxious. In these desperate times, the positive frugal, thrifty and cautious nature can be taken a tad too far. Without knowing, this singular cost-conscious attention morphs turns to mooching or taking advantage of friends and family. Use this tips to avoid being either the moocher or the enabler.

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