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I am repeatedly in conversations with someone who refers to “PMs”. And I have to figure out which kind of PM they’re talking about. Take this sentence from a recent email: “…designed for executives, managers, PMs, BAs, developers, testers – essentially anyone in the software development value stream.” Or the recent email with the subject […]


Agile or Not Agile

When is an Agile development effort not so agile?  When you haven’t clearly defined the ultimate objective.  I freely admit that I am not an expert in Agile development so my expectations may not be appropriate but come on now how can one expect to be successful if they don’t know what the ultimate goal […]


A Tale of Three Cities – London, Toronto, and Redwood Shores

A Tale of Three Cities - London, Toronto, and Redwood Shores

It had all the earmarks of a disaster, a real career-sinker of a project. And here was my old friend and former colleague calling me up enthusiastically, on the phone: “Hey Lisa, we need a Technical Project Manager for this start-up I’m working for, in Redwood Shores… you’ll love the project and the team. It’s […]


Lead by Fear and Intimidation or Lead by Positive Motivation… – Your Choice

Lead by Fear and Intimidation or Lead by Positive Motivation... - Your Choice

As Project Managers, I’m sure we’ve all seen the kind of scenario where there is a project team member who is generally uncooperative or can’t seem to get the tasks done on time – and the different approaches you can take in order to solve this problem. You can take the dictatorial “Do as I […]


Can Using PM Tools Come More Naturally?

Between my blog and my role at gantthead, I probably get two or three meeting requests a week from Project Management tool vendors. The general trends these days (or at least what they punch in demos) seem to be toward: Software as a Service (making implementation easy and quick) Portfolio Views and Back End Data […]