Project and Program Management Insights

Below is highlights of conversations of a group of senior technical and professional Project and Program Management leaders gathered together at September meeting of PMI-Silicon Valley chapter.

– What new trends or tools are available for project managers?
– How to maintain a dictionary of (TLA/3-letter-acronyms) acronym-salad related to project and program management?
–  What are Agile offerings for a small (3-4 people) team? War about Agile project and program management?
– What are the top & hot areas of (technical) management and project management? What are hot areas of leadership development?
– What is a good strategy to get a job at a start up?

Please join us at an event organized by PMI-Silicon Valley chapter, or read more about this event at

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    Absolutely, Dianne, and thank you for your comment.
    I attend a few of,, and Agile related meetings (,,, SAFe /, etc.), as well as Agile and PM-related meetups. As you mentioned, in this fast-paced environment and considering the COVID-19 situation, we need to reconnect with our colleagues and closely follow others’ success stories. I time-to-time share highlights from various gatherings of thought leaders.

  2. These are very interesting topics, with information that can benefit us all, and especially valuable for those just getting into project management or need an update or refresher on their skills. This is indeed a fast-paced environment with new offerings and tools quite often, especially in this unprecedented time of the pandemic and more of us working at home than ever.

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