Meetup Cancelled Due to Technical Difficulties!

Who said that “Technical Difficulties” can be easily overcome in the age of AI-ML – especially in Silicon Valley, the heart of the technical genius crowd? 

We sincerely apologize for canceling our (ASVPM) Meetup on April 25, 2024, due to technical difficulties with our Zoom setup. Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t get the virtual meeting room running smoothly on time. We understand this is frustrating, especially for those who rearranged their schedules to attend. We’re actively addressing the issue to ensure smoother experiences in the future and will thoroughly test our Zoom setups before our upcoming events. We appreciate your flexibility, understanding, and patience.

Our Meetup group remains committed to delivering engaging and informative sessions for our community. Once confirmed, we will announce the rescheduled date — Tentatively for July 2024. 

Thank you for being a part of our growing community. We look forward to reconnecting with all of you very soon. 


David Bakhtnia (on behalf of the ASVPM Leadership Team)


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