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Learn Together with Creative Agile Masters at SVPM

Getting to Know SVPM

Have you ever wondered after learning a new Project Management concept “I wish there was an real world environment where I could put it to practice? “. Well, that wish has turned true with Silicon Valley Project Management platform. SVPM is a platform where project managers and team leaders share their wisdom, experience and insight around the art and science of project management in a collaborative and mutually beneficial context. Being a volunteer driven program, this platform brings a blend of new as well as experienced minds together with the motto “We Learn Together“. There are myriad opportunities to share your skills and best practices while advancing your tactile skills.

My Experience, a closer look

Although my engagement with SVPM is not my first experience with Scrum, it has been a very exciting engagement so far. Each iteration the team is there to support you as much as you are to support them. I was constantly encouraged to ask for feedback, to give it honestly and to ask for help when I felt overwhelmed or lost. I surely feel fortunate to have received a lot of support from the Sponsors who constantly look to make the atmosphere as comfortable as possible for the team and of course, a brilliant Scrum team that helped me settle into the environment and the role.

My Scrum learning taught me that every environment is different and there is no one right way to gather the requirements, refine them, estimate the effort and conduct the Scrum ceremonies. There are many proven digital tools & techniques available that can be leveraged to deliver value early and the framework must be tailored to suit the needs of the context in which the project is being executed. The same is followed at SVPM.

  • We use Trello board to create a clear and concise version of the product vision and list of features that can help achieve that goal.
  • Slack is used as the primary channel for communication and collaboration. Nothing beats an honest one-on-one discussion about how you (as a team) are doing and what you plan to do next to achieve the product goals.
  • Planning Poker technique helps the team to work as a cross-functional unit to come up with consensus based estimates.

The core principle remains same though, keep the focus on team collaboration and put emphasis more on “what” and “why” during delivery because that generates value. The “How” can vary.

At the End….

This post contains a quick reflection on my experience working as part of SVPM Scrum team so far. I really hope the information here will be useful to anyone starting their learning journey into Scrum and encourages them to join this excellent community. The skills you learn here will greatly help you face real world challenges.

Make SVPM your pit-stop en-route your journey to Be Agile !!


2 thoughts on “Learn Together with Creative Agile Masters at SVPM”

  1. Precise, crispy and surely very agile expression of your experience at SVPM. Needless to say, it was fun reading…please keep sharing, as we Volunteers get to understand what a wonderful training & hands-on opportunities we enjoy at SVPM under Our fantastic leaders and mentors who are always there to help & guide Us.

  2. “I wish there was an real world environment where I could put it to practice? “ – I can resonate with this sentence quite a bit. I’ve been learning so much through online learning….. But ultimately, I don’t have enough real world practice for certain skills and have been struggling with gaining an employment. I’m very grateful for SVPM to provide us with the “real world” practice to gain more confidence in our knowledge. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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