Mia Whitfield

Mia Whitfield is the Principal and founder of M.M.Whitfield Consulting, a firm that helps operations and development teams from Silicon Valley software companies deliver projects more effectively. Her collaborative approach brings out the best in client teams. Mia has been leading teams to deliver successfully for over 15 years. Prior to M.M.Whitfield Consulting, Mia served as a Solutions Director at Talus, and in senior project management roles at Symantec, Intuit, and Quote.com. Mia has been on both the front lines, leading teams to bring high quality products to market on-time, and in the back-office, addressing thorny internal process issues standing in the way of success. Mia has both a business and technical background. She holds a BA in Computer and Information Sciences with Honors from the University of California, and worked professionally as a software engineer before moving into project management. Mia's contact information is available on her firm's website, www.mmwhitfield.com

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