Jim Sloane

JIM SLOANE, B.S., OPM3-CC, PMP, has been a project management consultant and trainer for 21 years and has a diverse client base and a broad range of experience. His consulting projects have included small family owned business improvement initiatives in 2009, coaching biopharmaceutical management in 2006, , managing software development projects in 2001, PMP exam preparation training since 1998, high tech company PM training and engineering process development. Mr. Sloane has also been general manager of a construction materials company, a project manager for Lockheed Martin, and a product development engineer for an injection molding and metal forming manufacturer. Mr. Sloane is president emeritus of the Silicon Valley chapter of PMI and is a member of the OPM3 revision team.. He is an instructor at UCSC Extension, currently delivering the PMI PMP Certification Exam preparation course. www.jsloane-pmp.com [email protected]

Why Can’t We Grow Up?

I am shocked, shocked! at silicon valley business immaturity in project management . Home of some of the greatest, innovative companies on the planet, and we cannot execute projects any better than anyone else.

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