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Silicon Valley Project Management – SVPM

Where volunteers gain hands-on experience with scrum and Agile frameworks through the SVPM immersive Scrum Team program.

Who we are:

The Silicon Valley Project Management website, SVProjectManagement.com, started in 2006 to create a community of Project Managers who share best practices, experiences and lessons learned. By 2018, a group of PM leaders applied Agile mindset to build a community of Agile and Scaled-Value Project Management. Our cross-functional volunteer community adapted a hybrid of Agile frameworks and created the SVPM Scrum Team program. Our community now is registered under a nonprofit organization called Agile and Scaled-Value Project Management (www.ASVPM.org).

www.svprojectmanagment.com, is a blogging platform that supports this community in two ways; it provides an opportunity for project managers/professionals to gain hands-on experience using Agile frameworks, and provides an online space for Agile/PM practitioners to share their knowledge and experience with our community.  SVPM Scrum Team Program is an empirical and self-governing program guiding volunteers to build and support www.SVProjectManagement.com online presence using a hybrid of Agile frameworks.

How we work:

The SVPM Scrum Team Program utilizes Agile frameworks to help volunteers build Product Backlogs, create self-governing Scrum Teams, and build various tasks to support our online community. The close collaboration of our cross-functional team enables us to employ an Agile mindset using a hybrid of Agile frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, FDD, and any adaptive practice that we learn through collaborative work.


  • Agile Coaches: David Bakhtnia, Donald Stringari  
  • Volunteers – Project Management Professionals with a desire to learn Agile mindset in practice:
  • In career transition
  • Workforce reentry
  • Career growth
  • College graduates

Volunteer Benefits:

  • Flexible Hours 
  • Free of Cost (No Expense)
  • Build Hands-on Experience/Skills
  • Network with fellow Agile practitioners
  • Gain Exposure/ Build Credibility to the professional community
  • Find out how you can volunteer in the scrum team by clicking here.

Our Story:

Click here to find out more about the history of SVPM.

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