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Impact of the Economy on Project Management

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  1. Impact of the Economy on Project Management

Different types of economiesI recently conducted a survey on asking for anecdotal stories about how the economy is currently impacting project management. This week I would like to share the results with you.

The survey was 100% anonymous, and I even removed any identifying information that a few responders put into the answer. Note that this survey is NOT scientific in any way. It consisted of 2 questions, location and an open-ended one. The categories were created and assigned by me post-hoc after reading through the responses. These 8 categories seemed to emerge as I went through the data. Some are causes and some are effects….some of these are linked. For example, investment/project cutbacks may lead to PM layoffs, etc.

Over the course of this week I will walk through the categories with you, giving some examples of the responses received, and my take on them from the data and from my own personal experience.



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