Prototype your way to Real

When project managing for innovation and change, three important steps are getting great inspiration, having an effective idea generation session, and then moving your ideas forward with prototyping. Consider your personal and organizational prototyping practices: do you prototype across a wide range of levels, from rough to real? Do you prototype both your tangible and intangible concepts, as you might for service design and organizational change? Take a look at the following post to imagine your path this year on what and how to prototype – for yourself or across your company.


Resolution: Figure out my innovation type

Ever been in a brainstorm and felt how differently your colleagues respond to new ideas? It turns out there are different “innovation types.” You may want to know what kind of innovator you are, and how you can improve your own work and your understanding of others in an innovation project team.


Want a wonderful life? Then start NOW.

Whether we project managing our work projects, our careers, our finances or our personal relationships, the concept of focusing on what can be done “NOW” to improve our situation is critical. This is the second part of a two-part series. Hope you enjoy it.


Setting expectations: A positive defense against moochers

Today’s economy is certainly making most people anxious. In these desperate times, the positive frugal, thrifty and cautious nature can be taken a tad too far. Without knowing, this singular cost-conscious attention morphs turns to mooching or taking advantage of friends and family. Use this tips to avoid being either the moocher or the enabler.

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